Unusual Ways Sound Can Help You Heal

Are you willing to try something a little different?

Bear with me here… I’ll explain more in just a moment.

I’d like you to start by placing your palms over your heart. One hand should be on top of the other.

Take a slow, deep breath in.

Now slowly breathe out. As you do, try to make a loud humming noise for the entire exhalation.

Do you feel that tingling vibration in your chest?

Surprisingly, this simple sound-generated sensation holds a vast amount of healing potential for a wide array of ailments.

And today I’m going to reveal all the ways sound and vibration can help you improve your health—naturally!

The healing wonders of sound and vibration

Over the past decade or so, many of the country’s most reputable doctors have been successfully treating patients using the power of sound and vibration.

For example, ultrasound treatments—which emit vibrations from sound wave frequencies—are being used to heal wounds, mend bone fractures, and unclog blocked arteries. This type of treatment is even being used to help shrink malignant tumors!

This ultrasound therapy device is being used to treat a shoulder wound.
IMAGE SOURCE: Johari Medtech

Doctors are also using other vibration-based solutions like vagus nerve stimulation placement. A timed vibration from the device stimulates the vagus nerve—the longest nerve in your body, spanning from your brain stem to your abdomen.

This treatment is being used to reduce drug-resistant epileptic seizures, alleviate treatment-resistant depression, and improve the balance in Parkison’s patients so that they may walk again.

An implanted device helps stimulate the vagus nerve, providing whole-body benefits.
IMAGE SOURCE: Epilipsy.com

Perhaps most recently, healing sound frequency therapies—like stimulating the vagus nerve—are being used for even more health issues like: anxiety, brain injury rehabilitation, headaches, high blood pressure, inflammation, inflammatory bowel diseases, tendonitis, and trauma-induced pain. (I’ll teach you about this technique in just a moment.)

Sound healing: the “next big thing” in healthcare

Despite their ancient origins, sound- and vibration-focused practices are here to stay. We’re finally re-discovering some of the greatest natural healing tools on the planet! And judging by the surge of new medical research, I predict it will be the next big thing in modern medicine.

Think about it...

Sound and vibration enter the body naturally, and in many cases, can heal the body without medications or risky surgeries.

But if you aren’t currently suffering from an injury or health ailment, you can still reap the benefits of sound and vibration—especially if you want to enrich your health.

How sound vibration can help you

I carve out a few minutes every day to practice some simple vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) exercises.

This daily practice requires hardly any time...plus it feels spectacular!

Let me share a few of my go-to techniques for using VNS to improve your health:

Right now is the perfect opportunity to try something new—especially if it can benefit your health or help you better navigate these uncertain times.

I encourage you to try sound healing for yourself. Remember, consistency is key... The more frequently you practice, the more you’ll help your body reach its full healing potential.

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