About Jim Donovan, M. Ed.

Multi-PlatinumĀ Musician, Educator, and TEDx speaker.

 Jim's mission is to share the restorative power of music through education and performance. 


He's an Assistant Professor and Director of Music and Wellness at Saint Francis University.


Jim's viral TEDx Talk "How to Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep"

has been viewed over 6 million times to date.

In 2018, Jim launched DonovanHealth.com with business partner Dan Ostrowski to share the healing power of music with the world.

There he publishes the free Jim Donovan Digest, a suite of sound-healing courses, guided audios, articles, and his podcast — The Jim Donovan Show.

Over the past 20 years, Jim has developed a specialized collection of techniques that use rhythm and sound to support better health.

He writes regularly about the intersecting world of music and sound-based healing, including the latest research on how these techniques can address anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sleep, and brain health.

Since 1999, Jim has presented over 3000+ rhythm and sound presentations at professional conferences, the TEDx stage, universities, and for corporate clients.

He specializes in placing music and wellness programs in organizations who focus on people with disabilities and people recovering from addiction.

Current clients include the State of Pennsylvania, Pyramid Healthcare, Resources for Human Development, and the Veterans Administration.

He currently performs with his band, The Sun King Warriors, who can best described as as a blend of rhythm-heavy roots rock, with a strong dose of big barreling drums. Think bluesy Zeppelin-esque bombast and Santana-style percussion with wild Avett Brothers energy.

Jim got his start as a founding member of the multi-platinum selling band Rusted Root. 

There he co-wrote the song “Send Me on My Way” featured in the movies "Ice Age", "Matilda" and the Netflix series "New Girl".

During his time with the band 1990-2005, he recorded and released seven full-length albums. Including "When I Woke" (3x platinum).

He also had the honor of sharing the stage with many of his musical influences and heroes including Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin (1995 US/UK tour), Carlos Santana (1997/2002 US tour), The Allman Brothers Band (1995/96 US tour), The Grateful Dead (1995 Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA) and many others.

Send Me On My Way also became the first song on Mars where it “woke up” NASA’s Mars Rover.

Discover how you can use the power of sound to revitalize your body and mind.

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