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What Are People Saying About Jim Donovan's Techniques and Sound Healing Music?


"Please know I've used your techniques over the last few months to ease my anxiety.

I can't begin to thank you enough." -Frances


"I've recently subscribed and can honestly say I feel better than I have in DECADES!" -Carlo


"Your method helped my 70 year old mother to get a straight 7 hrs of sleep for the past three nights.

I'm amazed that it worked!" -Anhthu


"Get the program and DO it!." In just two days I'm seeing results — a reduction in bodily pain. -Merle


“Your sound healing has been life changing for me and my husband---better sleep and more

energy. THANK YOU!” – Connie and Gary


“I can’t tell you how nice I feel! I’ve had no relief, UNTIL NOW.” -Lexi


“I feel more centered….thank you for the moments of calm.” -Kate


“Beyond my greatest imagination, as I did the exercise with you, tears began streaming down

my face and my excruciating pain lifted!” - Deb K.


“I discovered Jim Donovan recently. Now I’m using his audios each day

and loving it. I feel more centered.” -Jaime


“The techniques I’ve learned from Jim Donovan have helped me effectively manage my daily

stress levels…THANK YOU!” - Jennifer


"The pain from my condition is completely debilitating. Your took about 15 minutes-and delivered such sweet relief —Thank you." -Dayle

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