Sound Health

Seven Tips for Getting Back Into Balance

Jul 25, 2023

Picture a community with an elaborate superhighway system.

One where:

  • Lightning-fast travel is constant.
  • There are exits every few miles to important neighborhoods and businesses that keep the...
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What Is Brain Humming?

Mar 20, 2023

What Is Brain Humming?

Brain humming is a simple technique that involves using your body's own “built-in” ability to relax and clear your mind—using the power of sound. 


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Why Sound is World's the Most Overlooked Healing Tool

Mar 09, 2021

I believe sound is the most overlooked healing tool in modern medicine… but hopefully not for long.

The good news is, mainstream medicine is finally waking up to the benefits of...

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The Secret Behind Sound’s Healing Powers

Feb 09, 2021


Typically, you’ll reach for a Band-Aid whenever you get a nick, scrape, or cut.

Obviously, a Band-Aid can’t heal your injury—but it can stop the bleeding and protect your...

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