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Why Millions of People in Japan Take a “Bath” in the Woods

Mar 14, 2022

by Jim Donovan

Every year, millions of people in Japan flock to the forest for a “bath.”

No, this isn’t some far-out hippie festival in the woods… (Trust me, I’ve...

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Dogs

Mar 09, 2022

by Jim Donovan, M.Ed.


It's a very underrated mood booster.

And that's why I love my dog.

Come rain or sunny weather, our canine companions are always there for us with an attitude...

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Boost Your Next Walk With Sound and Rhythm

Mar 02, 2022

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise. And calorie burning represents just a mere fraction of walking’s health benefits.

In fact, I credit walking with helping me recover...

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