We All Just Need to Drum — John Pritchard [Podcast]

creativity drumming Dec 30, 2020

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Watch an advance screening of 'We All Just Need to Drum" here for free: http://weneedtodrum.com/

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Award winning filmmaker John Pritchard produces educational films that celebrate the positive side of humanity.

Today he and Jim discuss John's new documentary on the world wide drum circle movement including:

  • John's 5 year mission of helping to create 1 million drum circles around the globe
  • How he made this movie in the midst of a pandemic
  • Why drumming might be part of the solution that brings people back together again



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Johns BIO


John focuses on producing educational films that celebrate the positive side of humanity. His professional goals are to promote respect for ALL people and to help create a kinder world. 


John has also produced one of the world's greatest online learning programs for jazz musicians: Freddy's Guide to Creative Improvisation (freddysguide.com). It features over 300 video clips of Berklee College of Music professor, Fred Lipsius, who was an original member of the legendary band, Blood, Sweat and Tears. 


As a creative director and multimedia publisher, John has worked with companies such as Apple, Time-Warner, Sony, and McGraw-Hill. While living in NYC in the 1990's, John developed commercial software products for Microsoft, Scientific American, and Simon & Schuster. He has provided multimedia consulting to Fortune 500 companies such as American Express and Bear Stearns, and Advertising firms such as BBDO and Young & Rubicam. He has taught multimedia production at Harvard, Pratt Manhattan, and St. Lawrence University. His multimedia career began in 1987 by founding one of the world's first interactive companies, Applied Imagination. In 1993, he won McGraw-Hill's $100,000 New Media Design Contest competing against companies like Apple, IBM and Sony.


John developed his passion for Indigenous culture when he worked with Mohawk students on the Akwesasne Reservation as a student and then as the Asst. Director of the St. Lawrence University Upward Bound Program (1980-86). He graduated from St. Lawrence University in 1983 as a Fine Arts major focusing on filmmaking. 


Born in NYC in 1961, John lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1969-1972 and has traveled the world. In 1983, John made his first film in China with a grant awarded by the Jeanne Scribner Cashin Endowment for Fine Arts.



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