The Power of Frequency Healing - Simple Tips & Techniques

People everywhere crave the fantastic feeling that music provides.

That's why today I want to tell you about a potent way to use music's essential building block to boost your overall health.

I'm talking about sound.

Frequency healing is a form of sound therapy that uses specific tones and frequencies to promote mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. The premise behind this type of healing is that sound vibrations interact with the body on an energetic level, influencing mind, body, and spirit.

By working with different sound frequencies to balance the body's relationship between stress and relaxation, it can help alleviate pain, reduce stress levels, boost mood, and facilitate healing.

In this article, I'll explain how frequency healing works and how to use your body's own healing frequency "generator" with an easy 90 second exercise that can help you feel great fast.

What is Frequency Healing?

Frequency healing is an ancient energy medicine practice that uses sound vibrations to bring the body back into into balance. This type of healing works by helping you reduce stress, improve mental clarity and strengthen the immune system.

For centuries, healers from around the world have used frequency to help treat physical and emotional ailments. This practice, known as frequency healing or sound healing, has been used in a variety of ways, including singing, drumming, dancing and chanting to invoke healing energy. By stimulating key points on the body with vibration, these healers were known to provide relief from pain and other ailments.

In this this guide, you can learn simple tips and techniques to practice frequency healing for your own wellbeing.

But first, let's explore a little more about frequencies that heal.


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What are healing frequencies?

Frequency healing is an approach to holistic health and wellness based on the idea that certain sound frequencies can bring about states of peace, relaxation, and enhanced awareness.

These sounds can take many forms including:

Nature sounds like ocean waves

1 Hz-100 kHz

White Noise

20–20,000 Hz, which are all of the sound frequencies audible by the human ear.

Singing bowls

100Hz-900Hz depending on the tuning

Healing drums

140-290 Hz depending on the drum


16 Hz-160 Hz depending on the size of the gong

Though the instruments above are often the first to come to mind when thinking about healing, almost any musical instrument can elicit healing—especially if it helps you relax.

Given the high rates of stress these days, it's good news that, healing with sound is becoming more popular among those interested in alternative forms of healing and in the medical research community.

That because so many people are discovering tangible benefits by using sound without high cost or unhealthy side effects.

Here are a few of the growing number of studies showing how different uses of sound helps people.

What are the benefits of healing frequencies?

Frequency healing uses sound vibration to help manage a variety of issues. Fortunately there is a growing body of reputable scientific research supporting the health benefits of healing with sound.

These include:

My clients who use my sound healing products regularly send me messages telling me how frequency healing—especially sound based vagus nerve stimulation— is helping them. 

Hopefully, you're starting to understand how frequency healing can help you. 

If you want to feel it for yourself, let's do an exercise together.

Here's how to prepare:

Establish and Maintain an Intentional Mindset 

When practicing frequency healing, your mindset can make a big difference. This can be accomplished by simply repeating a few words that describe what you hope to achieve in the session. Whether it’s manifesting greater self-love or improved physical health, keeping a firm mental connection to your goals can make the results you want from frequency healing more likely.

Now I'd like to share my easiest frequency healing exercise that can improve how you feel in about 90 seconds if you're willing to try it.

Frequency Healing Exercise

Did you know that your voice can generate its own healing frequencies?

In general, the adult female voice has a fundamental frequency between 165-255 Hz, while for most adult males, the frequency range is between 85 to 155 Hz.

When using the sound your own voice for self healing, I recommend using whatever pitch is most comfortable for you. That's because the main healing work from this exercise comes from the interaction between the vibration from your vocal cords and a key part of your nervous system called the vagus nerve.

 Start by tuning in to your breath and noticing any areas of tension or tightness. Pay attention to how you're feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. Next, focus on allowing those sensations to move through you with each sound you make while noticing how they change as you focus on them. As you practice this regularly it will help bring your body into balance and restore harmony throughout.

Here's how to do it:

This 90 second frequency healing exercise is one I call brain humming

  • Simply inhale deeply and exhale with a prolonged "humming sound" while keeping your molars gently closed.
  • Repeat this 4-8 times, or longer if you like while focusing on how the vibration feels.
  • Pay attention to any physical or emotional changes that occur during the exercise.
  • At the end, you might experience tingling or buzzing sensation in your head, mild euphoria, increased mental clarity, feelings of relaxation and tranquility or even more energy.

If you don't feel anything at first, it's ok! Try doing a few more repetitions and increase your vocal volume.

If you want to experience a more potent and enjoyable full body frequency healing exercise, you should consider taking my free Healing with Sound Mini Course. (no credit card needed!)

Practice Regularly for Maximum Benefit

Regular practice is the key to getting the most out of frequency healing. As you become more familiar with how your body responds to frequencies, you'll find that the more regularly you do these simple exercises the better you'll feel. 

You can do them on your own, or I'm happy to guide you in my free Healing with Sound mini course

The right combinations of these tools can make all the difference in amplifying your success with frequency healing.

Not sure where to start with Frequency Healing? 

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