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"In just the basic tutorial, I am out of pain... I am in awe!! I'm a massage therapist and couldn't fix myself until I found Jim Donovan"



"Jim, I just opened your new online program and I did the brain clear and neck relief!" I can't tell you how nice I feel. I've had no relief, UNTIL NOW!!"



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"Beyond my greatest imagination, as I did the exercises with you, tears began streaming down my face and some of my excruciating pain lifted! Thank you so very much."  


Connie and Gary

"Your sound healing has been life changing for me and my husband---better sleep, more energy, and feeling empowered to take charge of our bodies and lives as "seniors" Thank you!!" much."



"I would like to express my gratitude for your help to reduce the anxiety-effects of COVID-19. I am a scientist and when I heard you the first time I recognized right away that you know what you were talking about. I acquired your programs which was the best decision of my life. You are truly saving my life. Thank you very much."



"I feel more in control of managing my life."


Jaime V  

"I discovered Jim Donovan recently and ordered one of his programs. Now I am using his audios each day and loving it. I feel more centered...I recommend his products to anyone feeling sluggish, mental fog, or plagued by aches and pains...."



"I feel more centered...thank you for the moments of calm."

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