Sleep Now [Updated for 2023]

Racing mind? Anxiety? Can't "wind down" or shut off your brain at night?

There’s a signal you can do with your hands before bed, or anytime, really… help you get to sleep.

This signal tells your brain to “flip the switch” for dreamtime, night-night, and sawing logs...

You already know that sleep is vital to healing… and even plays a role in things like weight loss.

That’s why I created an entirely new set of sound, rhythm, and frequency tools in SLEEP NOW to help you get your best restorative sleep.

There’s even one big time Hollywood comedy producer raving about my sleep technique on Twitter…He proclaimed “THIS WORKED FOR ME” to his 2.3 million followers.

Over 4 million people have already seen my sleep technique…and the feedback is nothing short of life changing:

“On the first night I was able to fall right into sleep AND SLEPT STRAIGHT through the night! For probably the first time in a year or more. 8 hours, never happens!”
-Tara S.

“You CHANGED MY LIFE… I’ve been struggling with sleep for 20 years…I could never fix it no matter how hard I tried or medicated….  Jim’s simple technique has helped me fall asleep within minutes every single night since I started doing it…”
-Riley W.

Your SLEEP NOW Guided Audio includes:

✅  How to Trick Your Brain into Falling AsleepExtended Video Tutorial

✅ 60-minute Sleep Frequency "Sound Bath" Audio Experience

✅ Solomon Frequency for Sleep... 60-minute sleep preparation guide using vagal nerve stimulation

✅ Eight Nature Based Sleep Soundtracks

✅ Sleep Now User Guide

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee


You'll get full access on any device in your members only website portal.

Whether you want to...

🔵 Fall asleep faster
🔵 Sleep longer
🔵 Or wake up more refreshed than you have in years...

You will find everything you need with SLEEP NOW Guided Audio now including the extended version of my well-known "How to Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep" TEDx talk.

And if you’re unhappy with this revolutionary, pill-free sleeping solution for any reason at all... If you find the relaxing sounds and rhythmic patterns just aren’t for you...If you feel you’re not falling asleep faster, longer and better than you ever have before...

Then just drop us a line anytime in the next 30 days—and we’ll return every last penny. No questions asked.

All you have to do is try by filling out the form to get started today. And remember, your order is completely RISK-FREE.


$39.00 USD

Add unlimited access to Jim's new Relief Sound Supplement for only $11.

The RELIEF Sound Supplement is a special collection of 5 new video tools designed to help you reduce the perception of pain - all in one convenient place.

RELIEF includes full guided audio and video lessons with my best sound-based methods for reducing pain:

    • Lesson 1: How to Relieve Tension Headaches with Sound
    • Lesson 2: Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain
    • Lesson 3: Reduce Jaw Pain and Tightness
    • Lesson 4: Heart Humming for Pain Reduction
    • Lesson 5:  "2 to 1 Breathing" for Pain Reduction

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