Sound Solution Bonus Bundle Special

Jim Donovan's Sound Solution is a seven part guided audio toolkit designed to get you started with sound based vagus nerve stimulation.

The benefits of this kind of sound healing include:

☀️Decreased pain

☀️Improved nervous system function

☀️Lessened symptoms of depression

☀️Lower blood pressure

☀️Reduced stress

☀️Deeper and more restorative sleep

☀️Reduced anxiety

☀️Stronger vagal tone—a key measure of your resilience to stress.

Here's everything you get to keep today with your one time purchase (this is not a subscription):



✅ 100% Guaranteed Effective

✅ Sound Based Vagus Nerve Stimulation

✅ 7 Full Length Sound Solutions + 4 Videos + 3 Bonuses + 2 Free Books

✅ 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

✅ Not a Subscription

✅ Easy Access on Any Device

Each exercise in Jim Donovan's Sound Solution is designed to help restore your body and mind with the power of sound.

Think of your new Sound Solution as a companion you can count on anytime you want to improve how you feel.

“I have been doing the program every day…I did not think it could really affect anything…but just 14 minutes later, I feel like I just got a whole-body massage…My anxiety level has decreased. THANK YOU!”

-Victoria B.

 “I’ve been doing [Sound Solution] for a week now and it’s true…I feel as if I have recalibrated my whole system. Amazing!

-Stephanie J.

You Get 7 Full-Length Sound Solution Guided Audio Experiences

  • Sound Solution 1: Awaken Your Body to Deep Healing

  • Sound Solution 2: Unlocking Rhythmic Healing   

  • Sound Solution 3: Restore Your Vagus Nerve Part I 

  • Sound Solution 4: Restore Your Vagus Nerve Part II  

  • Sound Solution 5: Whole Body Revival

  • Sound Solution 6: The Sound Bath for Accelerated Healing (Sound Bath)

  • Sound Solution 7: Brain-Rhythm Sleep Induction 

You Get 4 Instructional Videos

  • Intro to Vagus Nerve Stimulation

  • Vagal Nerve Stimulation for Restoring Your Body’s Healing Ability

  • The Science of Brain Tapping

  • Brain Tapping for Renewal and Rejuvenation

         Sound Solution Value $79

PLUS You Get 3 Huge Bonuses

  • CALM Sound Supplement Video Lessons for Stress and Anxiety Relief ($49 Value) FREE

  • RELIEF Sound Supplement Video Lessons For Pain Reduction ($49 Value) FREE

  • Speed Healing Guided Audio ($79 Value) FREE 

❤️ Plus you’ll receive a copy of Jim’s first book Saved by Sound ($29 Value) FREE

❤️ AND a copy of Jim’s NEW book Whole Life Sound Healing ($29 Value) FREE

Total Value $314

Yours Today for Only $79 $39

$39.00 USD

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