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Jim Donovan's Sound Solution is a seven part guided audio toolkit designed to get you started with sound based vagus nerve stimulation.


The benefits of this kind of sound healing include:


☀️Decreased pain

☀️Improved nervous system function

☀️Lower blood pressure

☀️Reduced stress

☀️Deeper sleep

☀️Reduced anxiety

☀️Stronger vagal tone

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"I feel more centered...thank you for the moments of calm..." 



"The techniques I've learned from Jim Donovan have helped me effectively manage my daily stress levels...Thank you!!"



"I feel more in control of managing my life.”

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"In just the basic tutorial, I am out of pain... I am in awe!! I'm a massage therapist and couldn't fix myself until I found Jim Donovan."



"Jim, I just opened your new online program and I did the brain clear and neck relief! I can't tell you how nice I feel. I've had no relief, UNTIL NOW!!"



"Thank you so much! I've been struggling to sleep for months and kept getting 3-5 here and there, but tried your sleep technique last night and got 8 and a half hours."

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About Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan M.Ed. is a musician, wellness expert, author, assistant professor at Saint Francis University, and TEDx speaker.

Since 1999 Jim has delivered readers, listeners, and conference attendees the latest research on how sound and music can address anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sleep, and brain health.

Jim began his journey with sound, rhythm and human connection as a founding member of the multi-platinum 90s band, Rusted Root. His sound wellness based videos, podcasts, and guided audio meditations now have over 6 million views and counting!

Start Today & Keep These 3 Bonuses 

BONUS #1 Speed Healing

This suite of audio tools is designed to prepare your body and sync your brainwaves to activate your body's Deep Healing Mode.


  • Full Guided Speed Healing - 60 minutes
  • Healing Music Only 60 minutes
  • Bonus! 10-Minute Speed Healing Session



Speed Healing Session

BONUS #2 CALM Sound Supplements

Calm Sound Supplements are a collection 5 video tools specifically designed to reduce stress, anxiety, and panic.

  • Rhythmic Brain Tapping
  • Square Breathing for Anxiety and Panic Attack First Aid
  • Five Finger Breathing for Anxiety



Brain Awake Guide

BONUS #3 RELIEF Sound Supplements

A collection of 5 video tools designed to help you reduce the perception of pain - all in one convenient place


  • How to Relieve Tension Headaches with Sound
  • Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Heart Humming for Pain Reduction
  • "2 to 1 Breathing" - Extended Version for Pain Reduction



Brain Focus guide

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